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Google Pay on Samsung Watch?

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I have got OnePlus 3T and I want to buy new Samsung Watch 46mm. The only thing that stops me - I can't install Google Pay on Samsung Watch! WHY??? I want to pay by NFC, but I don't like Samsung phones (to use Samsung Pay)... 


You don't need a Samsung phone to use Samsung pay on your watch. I have a blackberry keyone and once set up you don't use the phone for actually making payments. 

Samsung support and sellers in Samsung shops said me, that I have to have Samsung phone to setup Samsung Pay and add cards. Isn't it?

I think it may be working that way with Gear S3 but is not working with Galaxy Watch along with non Samsung phone. Waiting for some update on this from Samsung. In my case i am using OnePlus5T phone.

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Are you sure this solved your problem? Samsung Pay is not Google Pay. I am looking at the new Samsung watch but unless I can use Google Pay, I will give it a miss. My bank can work with Google pay but not Samsung Pay.

Samsung Galaxy Watch runs Tizen OS, not Google Wear OS. Google Pay is not supported on Galaxy Watches.

That's slightly wrong, you can have a galaxy watch and use Samsung pay, you just downloaded the Samsung pay app onto any phone then register that way to your watch, I'm using a Moto G5s running Android once the card is registered the watch works independently of the phone for Samsung pay.

Now the issue I've got 3 cards, Lloyds, Yorkshire bank and tsb, I've tried today to registering each one of them and non are supported for Samsung pay 🤐 so I'm stuck with using my phone which uses android pay until one of my banks is supported, I've heard HSBC support Samsung pay but no good for me. Pete.

I have the same problem samsung pay doesn't support my bank which I might add is a big bank barclays. Asked samsung they said ask you bank, my bank says it has it's own app & never got the point. Why then does samsung not tell people this when buying the watch or phone that samsung pay only works with some Banks.

Same problem.. did you find a solution?
Alternatively do you know which UK bank is working with Samsung pay?
It can I set a Google pay on Samsung galaxy watch?

No there is no fix unless your bank is supported, here is a list of UK banks that support Samsung pay 

American Express 
- Cornercard UK 
- Danske Bank 
- Engage 
- First Direct 
- John Lewis Finance 
- M&S Bank 
- Nationwide Building Society 
- Santander 
- Starling Bank 
- The Co-operative Bank

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