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Google Pay on Samsung Watch?

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I have got OnePlus 3T and I want to buy new Samsung Watch 46mm. The only thing that stops me - I can't install Google Pay on Samsung Watch! WHY??? I want to pay by NFC, but I don't like Samsung phones (to use Samsung Pay)... 

No problem!The solution: I will buy a Samsung phone in the near future! Bye bye apple! Thank you for your answers and your patience! Adios
Samsung pay dose support visa and mastercard, which my cards are, but i cannot get them to register on sam pay, so its all down to the banks. Go figure....

They dont care at all about building support for canadian debit cards


This question was not open for "Samsung Pay" It was open with regards to "GOOGLE (ANDROID) PAY"

I complained and keep complaining for Samsung Watch not having GOOGLE PAY as an alternative, like all the Samsung Products have.

My mobile and my tablet, both Samsung, have Google Pay. Why not the watch? In the United Kingdom, Samsung Pay is literally invisible. Banks and cards work with Google Pay or Apple Pay, full stop. The UK is a large market, why their needs have been excluded in this product? I was sad returning the Samsung Watch but I had to as I can't pay with it.


It is strange how people get the straight answer to their question, ignore it and then whinge abut the wrong conclusion they build it in their minds. Samsung Pay, Google Pay and whatever other app is out there is made for its purpose the way the app owner finds it fit. Then it is up to the banks to accept the app (mostly the security design) – NOT other way around. If your bank is invisible on SP or GP app it is the bank’s fault. Even if the app owner decides to change the app to match the particular bank design it is still not the guarantee the app will work with those banks.

I live in Australia and have 2 visa cards. One ANZ bank and other Virgin bank Visa cards. ANZ is accepted by SP but Virgin is not. Every (European) summer I travel to Europe, jump in the car and travel around. So, I use my Samsung Pay a lot across the whole Europe. Not a problem at all. Making payment with my phone or my Galaxy Watch with my ANZ Visa account works everywhere. Even in UK! I was in London in August for 3 days and don’t remember using my plastic anywhere else but on the tube. So cannot blame Samsung Pay for your bank not working with the app.

The only problem with Samsung I have is when I bought my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone years ago I almost lost it when I was in Europe, so I decided to register the phone by creating the Samsung account. It went smooth and all my data backup and Samsung tracking was enabled. But recently I realised when I log in to my Samsung account it takes me to the Samsung UK web site. When I asked them why they said because I was in EU at the time of registration. Deleting the account is not an option ant the only thing I can do is to create a new account while in AU, but cannot transfer data to it. I would have to factory reset the pone and would not have access to the UK account with that phone (all my backups and data). Why is this so hard for Samsung to do? Go figure.

So maybe the Brexit will change this, or this is happening because of Brexit, I am not sure. But don’t blame Samsung Pay or Google Pay if the bank is not supporting the app. If the phone doesn’t support the app (you cannot install and get the app to work at all) that is different story. But if the app is working and you cannot add your Visa account it is mostly to the bank support. Not other way around.

For those who cannot install Samsung Pay or Google play on their devices don’t blame the device brand and compatibility until you check the device region code and change it to your country or to your bank Visa country.

Hope this helps to understand the problem.


Just bought the active 2 and one of the reasons was to use it to pay, turns out samsung pay isnt available in my country. Im going to research and develop a Google pay view or something. Someone already looked at this?  Was thinking of something like: use watch to scan NFC and send event to phone which has google pay.


Hey many you should read the question before answering.


yeah I had no idea about this. I've just left Apple and this is what I get. I'm sending watch and note 10 plus back


I agree, but unfortunately I have to back my samsung phone and watch

Samsung has not activated Samsung Pay in Denmark, even though *all* the banks list it as an acceptable means of payment ie if you're from a country that Samsung has bothered with (such as Sweden) then you're fine to pay for stuff in Denmark. Just not if you actually live in Denmark. So it is NOT the banks etc, it IS Samsung who are behind the curve.

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