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Google Calendar defaulting to Samsung My Calendar

(Topic created on: 19-06-2022 09:01 AM)
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The preinstalled Google Calendar app on my Samsung Galaxy A71 phone places all appointments I create on my phone in Google Calendar into a, presumably Samsung only calendar called, My Calendar. Appointments in My Calendar are not visible in Google Calendar when viewed from other devices, which is very unhelpful. While appointments made on other devices into Google Calendar are visible on my phone. All appointments made on my phone default into My Calendar, even when I "turn off" My Calendar in my phone's Google Calendar app (this only appears to make My Calendar temporarily invisible on my phones Google Calendar app).

How do I force appointments made on my phone in Google Calendar go into my Google Calendar calendar instead of the useless My Calendar?

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I am a bit confused by your post so sorry if I misunderstood. As far as I can remember Google Calendar is not pre installed and Samsung My Calendar is the default app. Just install Google Calendar and set it as the default Calendar app through settings, apps.