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Galaxy Knox security sucks

(Topic created on: 10-03-2023 12:21 PM)
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Its my personal unfortunate experience, it appears that Samsung company directly/indirectly promotes unethical business practices through internal engineering and Customer service channel to earn money from undisclosed limitations, hidden product defects and missing obvious capabilities and showing some irrelevant "warranty" terms.

Grievance escalation channels on website are just "show" that they care, in actual they care dam

Unskilled, immature escalation/Customer Service channel have staff that just trained to not to answer obvious questions or reveal any escalation channels/emails, procedures to handle case (as seems like there is no such process), responsible people emails / contacts are missing from everywhere.

My Case is very simple

On password lost, with simple steps, Samsung Knox enabled Device can get completely useless to level of throw or replace hardware
This certainly cannot be a security feature, but is a major flaw.

In case of password lost for a end consumer general purpose device (like a Tablet or Mobile phone), The typical expectations are ..
1. Self Serviced: Forgot Password workflow without data loss (best)
2. Self Serviced: Device manufacturing company (Samsung account) account/interface to reset password without data loss
3. Self Serviced: Google account way for android based devices, with or without data loss
4. Self Serviced: Worst, factory reset of device by authorized way, with data loss
5. Service center provided: still worst, factory reset / OS reinstall of device by Service center with data loss and minimal charges
6. Anything else ?

None of above 1 to 6 is present or works
Will any customer accept a resolution as change the hardware/device, as he has lost password?
shamelessly I have been asked to change the hardware or replace device at my own cost !!

Steps: Tried on Samsung Tab S7+ (would work for all Samsung Knox enabled Devices)
1. Enable wifi and SIM card
2. Enable samsung account (preferably different than google account)
3. Enable google account for android
4. Enable fingerprint lock
5. Set device password (complex/hard to remember or crack so likely to get lost)
6. Disable Remote unlock feature
7. Optionally Configure multiple profiles on tab for family usage (enable their accounts)
8. Restart device using power switch or hardware button
9. Try fingerprint unlock will not work for first time login so expects password only of first/admin profile
10. Imagine Password is forgotten .. so type incorrect password multiple times
11. Try multiple re attempt duration starts with 30 seconds increases to 24 hrs wait time
12. Try look out for forgot password option (Not present)
13. Try Hardware reboot option and factory reset options using button combination (does not work)
14. Go to and login using Samsung account and locate your device (will see the device)
15. Try unlock device as remote unlock is disabled (will not work)
14. Try lock device, though remote unlock is disabled inside tab (surprisingly lock will work)

Okay for data loss..
Call customer service to reset, they are unskilled and drop device to service they are unskilled too..
Staff there will make it unreachable and will ask to replace your hardware / change device!

Issue escalation channel "write to CEO" also goes to same person who
copy pastes same resolution of customer payable hardware change again and again