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For God's grace update Samsung Health app / Watch's Activities

(Topic created on: 27-09-2022 06:29 PM)
 Samsung Health app is sooooo outdated, its actually designed for little school boys and girls to keep them occupied during PE sessions

Just think.... Just think this...

1 None... None... None of the Strength training activities can add Weight, rather Samsung app rewards the user for the time they sat on the bench

2 Look at Deadlift... The most basic... The most basic of developer happened to develop Deadlifts activity, the first thing to add would have been the "the amount of weight" one can Deadlift... Samsung health rewards the length of "time", no option to add Weight 

3 None of the running activities can set personal goals, for example, I want to run 75km in the month of October.. You can't set it.

4 Personal training is very Unique - there is noooooooo facility to make our own activity programme, with, sets, reps and exercises and synchronise that to the watch... But the joke is.. The watch is Pro.. Say no more