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Female health on Samsung health app


Is a female health/period tracker going to be added at any point, I can't even find one that is compatible. Anyone know of any?


Hi @Starseer


There are third party apps you can downlaod and install that can be used to track your monthly cycle, though this would be a great addition to the S Health App! Thanks for the suggestion, we're currently looking into this with our Research and Development Team :smiling-face:





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I just bought a Samsung galaxy watch and there isnt a period tracker similar to Fitbit. Can take a look at female health?

Hi @SHealth1


We are currently looking into this with our Research and Development Team to see what we can do! Keep the sugestions coming!  :jack-o-lantern:



Hi @Starseer


We’ve had an update from our Research and Development Team regarding the female health tracker. We can confirm that this is something we're looking into and we’d like to implement in the future, though as for now this feature will not be availble any time soon. We appreciate your suggestion though, do keep them coming! :smiling-face:


Yes, I have irregular period, really hope that female health tracking can be brought in REALLY soon. Thank you.

Hi @Candy4


Not a problem, thanks for the suggestion! :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


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I totally agree. How was this not already a feature? I don't need extensive thing just a drop down menu that I can track it. I can track my bloody caffeine intake why can't I just say that I'm on my way period. 

I also wish there was like a general health tracker like how are you feeling today or I have a cold. That stuff would be really helpful. 

Same thing with a pain tracker. 

I don't need to track for fertility for I have had tubes tied, but need to track cause haven't had a cycle due to having been on birth control so long, and to watch for signs of early menopause.

Please please please include a sophisticated fertility tracker-- watch this video about women's health if you care about why this is a highly sought after option that people would pay for!

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