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Female health on Samsung health app


Is a female health/period tracker going to be added at any point, I can't even find one that is compatible. Anyone know of any?


I J want a period Tracker ad much as everyone else does because it would be great to look at the watch and see what's going on and know how many days until next period. And yes Samsung is behind fitbit in that department. But those of you that bought the galaxy watch just for this feature and sending it back are losing out on a great watch. I've always used the app Flo and it sends you notifications when your period is close. It's the best for right now and I'm ok with that until Samsung gets their head out of their ass and Integrates a period trq ker with shealth

Please, everyone here know about other wonderful apps and you being condescending and patronicing is a waste of everyones time.

If you buy the samsung product anyway even if it is being sexist, you are not affecting their demand. So you are supporting the situation. Why would they develop this if women do not react or demand it? The app is called samsung health, but it dismisses one of the most important parts of female health. They can call it Samsung male health, then. What i did is return my Samsung watch, write a bad review to the samsung health app and buy a fitbit. 

I wasn't being condicending and patronizing as you claiml. Nobody said they were being sexist. You'd say fitbit was sexist if they didn't impliment the female tracker. Sounds like the only reason you bought a fitbit was for the female tracker and not for the fitness tracker aspect. Fitbit products are ***** and their replacement ability is weak to say the least. I'm not here to bash anyone for their opinion but I see exactly where you're taking this so I'll leave it at this. Everyone has their own opinion of what should and shouldn't be as I did. End of story 

This is unacceptable! Should have been part of the original design. Why is it so hard to add on within this month (January 2020)?! There are so many apps on the health app. There are even workouts for pre and post period, but no option to track period and sexual activity. This needs to be spread all over social media to point out how Samsung is being gender insensitive to women and our simple needs.

With nine months between your previous reply and this update I was hoping for a more substantial announcement. Sometime this year? I won't be holding my breath.

@AquariusGirl  I don't think there's one person here who bought the watch for it's period tracker and if you're happy to use other apps alongside them that's great, but there are users like myself who track their cycle for far more than finding out when their period is next due. Where I am in my monthly cycle massively affects my health, my heart rate, my sleep patterns, my appetite, my mood and my general feeling of well-being... among other things. I certainly don't think it unreasonable to expect an addition to the app that is so integral to female health and wellness. 


I owned a Fitbit and replaced it with my Galaxy Sport watch as I wanted to update and get the watch that matched my phone... hopefully then seamlessly integrating the two, I never imagined for a second that the Samsung would be missing this feature. Any of the things that the watches track could be tracked with various other apps and the point of the watches surely is to collate all of that information into one handy app. 


There was enough thought put into the marketing side of sales for female users to ensure that the watches have been produced with pretty pink straps and shiny rose gold bezels to ensure that we are a 'target market' but being pretty and shiny just doesn't cut it for me I'm afraid, I want a product that does what it should and it most definitely should, this isn't the dark ages and Samsung are supposed to be a tech company after all


Agree 100%!! Well said. I have a lot of Samsung products and I like the way they integrate with each other for ONE app to take care of all my needs instead of 5-10 different apps to keep up with information. I feel like the period tracker was a feature nobody cared to put work into and develop a successful add on feature.

I came to Google to find out about female health tracking on my new watch only to find this extremely disappointing thread of users begging for a tracker.  You already track almost all aspects of female health....why is it so complicated to add in period tracker and basal temperature (if the watch can do that) for ovulation.  Seems like a huge missed market.  It should take a coder all of a day to have this up and running.  And here we are since 2018! Absurdity!  Shame on you,  Samsung.  

2 years and nothing

Yes, 2 years...  You know, that company that I work for, one of my tasks is to supervise and provide assistance to any inquiry submitted online, And my replay is no more than 24hrs, I at least let them know that I acknowledge the inquiry.  Here It seems to me that Samsung has no one reading or acknowledging the comments and concerns of the users and their products!   Let me add that it is year 2020! 

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