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Female health on Samsung health app


Is a female health/period tracker going to be added at any point, I can't even find one that is compatible. Anyone know of any?


I tried this route as well.. could not find a Samsung US.. just seemed weird.. and couldn't find where others took to Twitter for this subject-- which also seemed weird!


Flo is a great app! would be very good to be able to install it in my Samsung Galaxy watch!!! (like in the apple watch) :winking-face:


I didn't bother with twitter, I went to the app store and gave the S Health app the review it deserved. Maybe if the app goes from 4 star recommendations to 1 star, it may make a difference. I use the sleep and female health trackers the most so the fitbit widget is going to be staying on my phone. Disappointing.


Well it’s now 2020 (more than a year since this post) and there is still no solution. I don’t believe Samsung are doing anything. I’ve emailed them directly and received no reply. My “half the price”  previous fitness watch was more useful!


Hi all!


Just a quick update on this from our R&D team, who have just given us the following information:


"We've received some news regarding this suggestion. The developers claim that the feauture for women to help them track their menstrual cycle will probably be implemented this year".


No further info at this stage but we'll keep you updated just as soon as we have any further news.


HAHAHAHAHA.... i'm loughing... like crazy...

If developers would be serious with this intention your message would say it will be in with next update.

No kidding anymore and honestly I'm now writing to Fitbit for some time to please notch up the design 

so I can go back to them. Do not think that women are stupid... and should not be treated as such.




Well, it's nice to finally have a reply... however, you lost me at 'probably' and 'this year'... and given that it's January 3rd and based on previous experience that gives you another entire year to dodge the question....


I think it's probably fair to say at this point that you have no intention of adding a female health app.

Why aren't you exactly, are we all missing something?  there must be an actual reason.

I can't imagine why it was neglected in the first instance and certainly can't understand why it is willfully being neglected now.... Fitbit have been doing it for quite some time now, and on some of their entry level trackers too. 


Really poor show Samsung, very disappointed


What kind of response is this? Probably? Sometime this year? How is that even acceptable? I already returned my Samsung watch and will not consider Samsung for products until this feature has been implemented. Shame on you Samsung! Totally unacceptable and your lack of a REAL response is just a further slap in the face!!


Female health is important and makes up over half of your consumer population-- how is this not a top priority?!?!


I feel like, with equal opportunities and feminism being such a hot topic, the press would have a field day with this. The fact we are still waiting for such a basic feature is unbelievable!

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I cannot believe this isnt a feature! I just purchased the Galaxy Active 2 but I am now considering returning it and getting another Fitbit instead. Unacceptable Samsung, the most recent reply to this thread is an absolute slap in the face of your female users!

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