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Experiencing Rapid Battery Drain on Your Samsung S24 Ultra

(Topic created on: 23-04-2024 01:37 PM)
Yahya Narvil
First Poster

Hello Samsung Community,

I am reaching out to express a significant concern regarding the Samsung S24 Ultra, specifically related to its battery life. I,have experienced an unusually fast battery drain that affects the usability and functionality of this device.

Issue Description:

  • Rapid Battery Depletion: The battery drains significantly faster than expected, even with minimal use.
  • Impact on Usage: This issue compromises the phone's reliability for daily tasks and urgent needs.

Given the premium nature of the S24 Ultra and its importance in our daily lives, this is a pressing issue that I believe warrants immediate attention and a detailed investigation by Samsung.


  • Official Response: I am seeking an official response from Samsung regarding this issue.
  • Guidance and Support: What steps can be taken to diagnose and potentially resolve this issue? Are there any recalls or software updates planned?
  • Compensation or Replacement: What are the options for compensation or a device replacement?

I am eager to hear back from the Samsung support team as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

Best regards,

Samsung Members Star ★
Hi there,
I have no big issues with Battery life on my phone, other than when I am using the camera and video calls.
Since you have the phone, have you:
- wiped partition cache?
-used Device Care to Optimise the system?
-used Good Guardians app to optimise your phone?
-restarted your phone?
How much are you using your phone and which apps are you using on your phone?

To wipe partition cache you have to:
-turn your phone off
-use USB C to USB C cable to connect your phone to a computer/laptop or other Samsung device
-press the power button and volume up button
-when the Samsung logo comes up release the power button and keep pressing the volume up button
-the phone reboot menu will come up on your screen
-read carefully the options and you should find 'Wipe Partition cache'
-use the volume up and down to navigate the reboot menu and use the power button to select the 'wipe partition cache' option
-chose the wipe partition cache option from the menu
-use the power button to select it
-next it will ask you to chose 'yes' or 'no', chose 'yes'
-this will do the wipe partition cache for you
- than chose the first option I think it's reboot the system
- when your phone turns on remove the data cable and use your phone as usual

Even if you do wipe partition cache you will still have to wipe cache on your phone manually for some apps, you can do this easily if you go in your phone's settings, scroll down and go to Apps, than chose the apps you want to delete the cache and press on Memory and you will find the cache there, than press on it and down at the right bottom side of the display there is a bin, press on the bin and delete the cache.

Please also watch YouTube video or read some more threads on how to wipe the partition cache in case I missed something. 😅

These are some easy steps for phone maintenance that will help you get rid of battery draining apps and residual memory on your phone.
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My phone like @Star_girl. The battery is really good.
What do you call bad battery drain problem?
I'm getting regularly two days usage.
Mind you just recently I got rid of Facebook and Facebook messenger, so that helped. My private information was compromised from Facebook, hence getting rid of it.
But generally even watching lots of YouTube, video calls etc.
Battery does really well.

If you used smartswitch to wirelessly swap from your old phone, I've had problems with this a number of times before.
Now I just backup my stuff on the old phone.
Then setup fresh on the new phone and log in to all my stuff.
Samsung Members Star ★★

@Yahya Narvil The troubleshooting does help some customers and problems not universal. some other optimisation techniques here,though may not particularly wish to use all of them for the best experience. 

Whilst can be a bit of  a hassle sometimes necessary to  do a Factory Reset after backing up , may best to restore  from cloud, may need to install some apps afresh.

However if the drain is still significant advisable to send an Error Report.   Go To Samsung Members -Get help -Error report. include the error logs plus details of the issues , and screenshots of the battery usage (Settings -Battery and device care - Battery).

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


I only had the s24 ultra for a day but the battery life seemed very good how long is your s24 ultra lasting. Typically a day and a half of light usage is normal and a day of heavy usage perhaps around 10 hours screen time would also be normal. These are flagship devices so although battery will be up there they have a lot to power and will not last as long as cheaper phones with big battery’s. 


If you turn off phone, and charge it, that stems the battery drain. But do not turn on WiFi, do not use the keyboard, and turn off location services, stop all app permissions, including the AI in 6.1, and do not use Facebook, you tube, Instagram. X and Tik tok seem fine for me.

I dug out my old P10, still going strong, granted it won't use email on it but all the social media apps work great and no drain