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Deserting Samsung

(Topic created on: 16-03-2021 04:11 PM)
Mobile Apps & Services
Dear Samsung

Over the years our relationship has been strong. I accepted many changes over year but this is it.

You force Exynos chips on us.

You fill our phones with apps we cannot delete.

Now flagships are not going to have SD storage I might as well face it. Your not good anymore.

So today I ordered an IPhone 12 Pro Max. Yes I know that has no memory either but apple is more polished and feels more premium in my hand uses snapdragon modem. Although I am more restricted I at least get quality and value. 

I would have brought S21 but you still insist on Exynos and now no Micro SD.

Bye bye 👋
Black Belt 
Mobile Apps & Services
Some of your concerns are valid but the majority are sadly across all Android devices these days.

All phones come with apps you cannot delete regardless of manufacturer these days, it's become industry practice. They can be disabled so at least you aren't wasting time and bandwidth updating them needlessly though.

Flagships have stupid amounts of storage and most folk use cloud storage which is why MicroSD cards have been ditched. On the Samsung devices that still do have SD card slots they are only partly functional. Samsung in their wisdom have decided that apps cannot be installed on the cards any more even though there are fast enough cards available to prevent lag. I use mine to backup my Tablet but would have preferred to store apps on it really. Motorola still allow use of SD cards for apps...

The processors seem market specific, some regions get Snapdragon. ALL regions should get Snapdragon in my view but at present this would also cause production delays as Qualcomm cannot keep up with demand for chips thanks partly to Donald Trump's sanctions imposed on Chinese firms. Because he effectively put Huawei out of business, their potential customers are buying other devices. Huawei bulk purchased chips as well before the sanctions were imposed because they knew they were coming. They also produced their own chips too but like Samsung does they did use Snapdragon as well in their product range