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Dear Samsung. Why only WiFi DL?

(Topic created on: 25-01-2024 10:58 AM)
I am pretty dam peeved every time my S21+5g gets an update... Why???

Because you can only DL on WiFi.... Say what.. STILL!!??..

I really thought that DL using data would magically appear as an option.. lol...

We're going on many, many year's later still only the WiFi option to update..

My current thinking is this and has been for several years tbh.. I'm gonna be dead, buried, 6ft under or ashes, bug munchies before DL using data is an option for people who, like me do not have WiFi..

I have *Unlimited* data, super speedy speeds 😚

Why is this an option?

We are not living in a world of everyone on a screeching 56k modem anymore 🤣

x2 💩 coz jeeeeez I feel like I'm partly living in the dark ages 🦕 👵🏼

Seriously though.........

I have to swip and clear Notifi every few hours.. which let me just add annoys the 💩 outta me every single time.. 

Samsung cannot stop spamming me on the many Samsung devices I've had with, the old... and NOW so dam old skool message with.....

DL it now! Woman!?

But yo woman!!! Yes you... 🫵🏼 and zillions of other Samsung users... 

Be gone with you and your data!!! ...... 

Ye is living the data dream of UL/DL but.. 

Your still on the Dark Side of, Samsung, where your device cannot DL security, UI, OS updates for life !!!

Not us at Samsung & WiFi ppl tho 😁+ us lol at data.. 🤣 "nothing for you coz we think WiFi rox everyone's Sox off" Were totally in the WiFi only zone...

Please go out into the world and find public wifi to DL security and other stuffage.. And remember.. Again and.. again .. untill my eyes wanna bleed..

Just one more time...... Just to be 💯 we've tried to brain wash you 24/7 7/365 that is the only way to go 

 *S.T.I.L.L we're here living our own, real deal WiFi dream 💭 We figure somethings stuck maybe?? Are we in a crazy mad, stuck in a time dilation event? 🤔
Are we having a Black Hazard event and tech/code, words cannot be written!?

Samsung. This silly no DL on data thing sux nowadays ... It sux large... elephant swingers kinda large or larger mebe ⚠️

WiFi rulling the world is dead..


All I have left for the DL update on WiFi only notifications is 💯 pure and utter contempt 👎🏼 


Feeling extremely epic, in an amazingly epic kinda way 😂 and found I have way, way to much time on my hands after this long and totally amazeballs post 

💯 🤪👐🏼 

Much 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 💜 if you read the entire way through my epicness 🥳
Right! Glad you got all that out of your chest. Now how was your day today?
😂 afternoonies... It's actually been pretty musically epic with me prancing about my kitchen with my super duper 🎧 that I 💜 with all of my heart.. best self gifted present ever! Making a cuppa cha to sit and chill with.. coz let's face it I could with chilling right 🥶
Kudos to you Hudz for making it to the end of epic🏆 🤣
If I really feel the need to DL I have to remove my SIM in the S21 and pop it in my pixel so the S21 can jump on the pixels WiFi.. it really irks me and I just cannot fathom why data hasn't been added at some point.. 1 good thing, I can swipe clear the Notifies now that wasn't possible previously and that ! Icon would forever sit in my bar taunting me 😂 💯 tho 🙄
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@cavellix  There can be restrictions on downloading updates via wifi (possibly something to do with the software code) but know that it seemed to be sorted out on the S22 range (at least for some Networks) a while ago. See this thread 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Bloody hell now I'm a little bit vexed.. I can now forsee Samsung never changing that for 'older' phones... Cheers for the info 💜