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Connection with My Samsung phone and Laptop (Link to MyAsus)

(Topic created on: 25-03-2021 08:53 AM)
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I used to have a Note 10 +, that I switched recently with a Note 20 Ultra. The reason I switched phones was because I tried to use a connection app between my phone and Asus Laptop. This app is Link to MyAsus (similar to My Phone from Microsoft) but with extra features like screen mirroring and use of your phone as a second screen). Problem is that with Note 10+ this app never worked, my phone was unable to connect to my laptop, and with Note 20 Ultra I can connect but with lots of issues, for example no way to reply to sms.

I think this is caused because of the built-in feature, in Samsung phones, to connect to Microsoft My Phone app, giving no chance for other softwares to interact correctly with your phone. Can someone please verify this? 

You can see this forum post: