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Change samsung pay location

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I bought my phone in HK but I live in the UK and want to change the base to UK but don't know how. Help would be appreciated 


>>If you side load the latest Spay v3.9 which is meant for Malaysia






@Xessive wrote:
I have a Galaxy Note 9 from Australia and I live in the UAE. The Samsung Pay shows only Australian content.

I flashed the device with the official UAE firmware (XSG). Samsung Pay works with my UAE cards and has no issues processing payments in local shops. It just keeps showing Australian ads and offers that don't apply to the UAE.

Hello dear

how you did it

im face the same problem 

also when i try to change to uae ver not accepting the flash , i must did root and change bootlader also , then will not work Samsung pay and the secure folder , so its big problem



Hi, I recently got a new phone. I was wondering if doing this would void the warranty of the phone?

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My Samsung Pay app accepts my swedish credit card but not my debit card from the same bank. I beleive that the problem might be that my Samsung account being brittish rather than my phone. So my question is how do I change the country of my account. Both cards are on the list of accepted cards....

If your phone is locked to carrier on region, whichever apk version you load also won't work, especially some models don't have a carrier-free firmware available.

If you've a universal firmware on your phone, usually the restart in new country SIM would reset the region to allow the use of Spay but the content may still be in the original region's.

Anyway, I'll switch to Gpay & other virtual credit card platforms as soon as they become available in my country, as Spay has nothing good in offer to use them other than the convenience.


Do you still receive software updates like before?

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