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Cannot log i to my account

(Topic created on: Wednesday)
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This two step verification rubbish has locked me out. I never signed up for it and never got any backup codes. The phone number it has stored for the account is an old one and i dont have it anymore.  So it keeps sending codes to wrong phone number. So i click change phone number and it asked for imei and serial number of a device used to log onto to account. So i put in the phone imei and serial of my s21 which has been logging onto to the account for over a year..... apparently  they have no record of it. 


So locked out with no way to get back in... wtf is wrong with these people?? Cant they get anything right?


Any ideas how to get back in?



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Same as my teenage son. He has been locked out now for over a year! Not that it really matters anymore as he ditched Samsung and now has a Pixel 6 Pro

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung phone user.

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