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Bixby vision is becoming worse and worse

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It became awful... It's so slow nowadays, unreliable , the only text option is translate and then it pops in this kind of a weird tiny way where you have to look carefully what you want to copy out from the image. Why isn't it like Google Lens? Now it's just there, and it automatically switches to QR code or I don't know what. It was useful, but now it is more of a gimmick. Not user friendly, everything is tiny, slow, translating takes forever to go through, the numbers get recognized as numbers...


rumours say that all byxby packages will be removed and replaced by google services due to an agreement with google,let's wait and see


Maybe it's for the best. But it's kinda scary to think what happened with Huawei and if they remove the Galaxy App Store it won't be nice. 

. What will happen with the Bixby on smart watches and other devices? 


Everything will become google assistamt based

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yea bixby 1.0 was really interesting and actually useful but then they went and tried to make it more like Siri which was a huge mistake. All they did with bixby 2.0 was make a far dumber, less useful, in the way assistant that can't really assist with much. If they out bixby 1.0 back on, I think people would use it more especially since it only took a small part of the screen and was able to do a lot more than this new version. Also, while the capsules are a cool idea, they really do create so much trouble for the end user since they have to remember the names of each one and what they do. Imagine if you had 20 capsules or so. I don't think that Samsung really thought Bixby 2.0 through. Also, it took 2 or so years to add the seamless talk feature where you can speak right after saying the prompt rather than waiting for the beep which is a bit ridiculous. I dont want samsung to give up on bixby though because if they just use Googles assistant and also remove the galaxy store, not only would there be nothing major to separate samsung from other android phones, but there would also be less competition in the smart assistant market which google already dominates. So I hope that they just stop trying to do something so unique and different with bixby and just make it a great assistant and device manager. If they can do that, I'm sure they can get rid of the negativity surrounding bixby. Also, I really hope they add back the translate feature where you can type text rather than take a picture. Maybe make bixby translate a separate app all together since it has so many features.


I agree! 

It's very well integrated into Samsung phones and let's you control the phone so much more thoroughly than Google Assistant! 


"Also, I really hope they add back the translate feature where you can type text rather than take a picture.


I don't understand this feature, when was it removed,how did it work? 


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