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Anything I try to download from Samsung Cloud shows as corrupted on my PC.

(Topic created on: 02/03/20 23:44)
Mobile Apps & Services

So I no longer own a Samsung phone. I've been threatened that if I no longer sync anything into Samsung Cloud my whole account will be deleted including all my data being wiped. I have until April to take action. All I want to do from my web browser on my desktop is to download everything off Samsung Cloud onto my hard drive. I select everything, and it allows me to save it as a .zip file. Absolutely everything (pictures and videos) is corrupted. No video plays. No image previews. What gives?


Funny enough it'll play on the web browser file preview on the actual Cloud itself no problem. Hell even if I go around downloading that one specific video, THAT is also somehow corrupted dispite the fact it PLAYS within the browser video preview. How the heck?


My only painful option that I have to dedicate myself doing (unless I get an actual helpful response from the community to fix this godawful problem) is screen recording every gosh darn video previews and using snipping tool for the images. Now that is ridiculous!