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The Superuser Program

Community Manager

You might have heard or seen users with a few stars next to their username on the UK forum. This means that they have received the rank Superuser. Feel like joining them? 🤗




Superusers are regular users that have shown a great interest in keeping the community a friendly, active, and welcoming place. They offer many solutions, and make sure that few topics go unanswered. The best thing is - anyone can become a superuser! :white-medium-star:


Summary of the Superuser Program

The Samsung Community is a space where anyone can share information, give and ask for help, learn new things and meet new people. 


Because the community would cease to exist without all of you people, Samsung has created a dedicated program for the most active users as a thank you to show the appreciation of their contribution to the community. This is the Superuser Program.


The Superuser title comes with a lot of responsibility, but mainly many benefits. Some of these are:



Most important question - how to become a superuser?

The answer is rather simple. Show us that you have an interest in keeping the Community alive, get involved, help others, give answers and solutions to questions, be friendly and look after your peers. 


In the Nordic lounge, start new topics and aim for high engagement. Also, as we don't have many product discussions in the Nordic forum, I advice you to keep an eye on the UK discussion boards and help other peers there, as this will give you more badges and a higher rank over all. And don't worry - we can see your efforts outside of the Nordic community too.


What we encourage our future Superusers to do:

  • Be friendly: you should enjoy helping others and show some technical expertise
  • Be passionate: you need to be interested in Samsung products and know about them (also be willing to learn about them)
  • Be consistent: you need to attend the community as often as possible
  • Be positive: encourage other members for their contributions, thank them
  • Show a good ability to write in text, making as few grammatical mistakes as possible, being cordial and well mannered

Do you see yourself as a future superuser? Then keep up the good work! And don't hesitate to reach out to Community Managers and other users to gain recognition in the community. 


Good luck!

The Community Team 🤝

Community Manager

And feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the program 🕺


Product testing sounds like an interesting opportunity! It would be cool to experience an event like that too...*glares grumpily out of the side of eyes at covid-19*


I know, very interesting 😍 And the best thing is anyone can become a superuser, since it is up to you how active you choose to be. Keep up the good work!


So, is there a certain level one has to attain to be considered for this or is it all individual?


It is individual and a little different from the usual badges and rankings you receive as you interact with the Community, even if that is a good place to start showing your interest in the Superuser program. Helping the Community grow, participating and creating new topics and making sure other users feel welcome is the first step. Another tip is to head over to the UK forum and see the level of engagement and responsibility the Superusers there take on, to get an idea of what is expected of you 😊

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