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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Nordic Samsung Community! I thought we should get to know each other a bit better, so why not introduce ourselves. I’ll go first 🤗


I’m ElinH. I’m the Nordic Community Manager – in other words I make sure things run smoothly here on the community. I also, together with my fellow moderators, help with unresolved issues or questions. In addition to this, I’m always looking at ways to improve the community to ensure everyone has the best possible experience (PS. If you do have suggestions check out the Community Feedback thread).


In my spare time I do yoga, surf and travel. Growing up with a chef as a dad, I have a passion for good food. I also love music and believe that watching Bruce Springsteen live when I was 15 changed my life forever.


That’s a little bit about me! Who are you?


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@ALICESTRAND Kiruna for Christmas sounds magic!! 🎄


Personally I love the sun and tropical climate, so I'd probably escape to Costa Rica or India for a little winter break if I could! Maybe next year 🤞🤞

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I'm fluent in Swedish, English, Spanish and currently been studying Mandarin for the past 3 years now 😊

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@Heygg01 I imagine Mandarin is quite different to Swedish and English? So impressive 👏


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Wow impressed 😀



My name is Patrick. I'm an American that has been willingly captured by a beautiful Norwegian that I now call my wife. I moved to Norway just over 7 years ago and feel it was the best decision of my life. We have one kid with another one on the way and a domesticated barn tabby cat. 

In my free time I enjoy a plethora of random things. I practice different forms of art from painting to photography, wood carving to digital art. I also like learning about electronics and microcontroller programming. Pretty much anything that stokes my creative side gets my attention.

On my professional side I'm a control cabinet assembler. I build components that are part of the systems that control the propulsion of ships. 


Anyway it's good to be here. I'm excited to see what the future holds for us here. In the meantime here's a recent digital painting I did on my Note 20 Ultra.


Hey Patrick and welcome to the Community!! Excited that you are excited to be here 😎


Sounds like you are someone with both creative and technology skills - lucky you! I'm considering participating in more creative activities, like a ceramics course for example. Might have to wait until the pandemic has passed though (or do it online). 


Go have a look around the Lounge, you might be able to give advice to some of our peers here or start your own thread dedicated to your interests ✈️ 



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I'm Andreas and live in southern Sweden. About four years ago i moved with my family from the stressful captial city to the more soft and calmer country side.
I very wise decision. I love the nature, the calm, the friendly people and the fresh air.
I have my own small buisiness as a chef and spend the free time with my family, friends, cooking, photgraphy, walks in the nature and jiu-jitsu.
I also do enjoy my Galaxy s20FE :winking-face:

Community Manager

Hello and welcome Andreas!! 😊


Your life sounds dreamy! Do you live in Skåne? I'm dreaming of moving to Österlen in when I'm a little older and spend my whole days outside by the sea 🌊


Ps. I'm sure southern Sweden provides many beautiful photo landscape scenes for you to use your s20FE :camera:


Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.

Thank you.

It's not Skåne but almost. Småland it is. Anyways its wonderful and nice in all ways. 

I've been to Österlen once and it is beautiful there. 

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My name is Daniella and I study engineering at Uppsala University. Everything is on distance right now so time moves so slow and so fast at the same time.

The most fun I have during these times is joining contests like these :winking-face:

Stay safe everyone!

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