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QLED 8K Q900R and Q950 TV tread (software/firmware updates, One Connect Box swap, HDMI 2.1, etc.)


Hello everyone,

I have a QLED 8K Q900RA TV, bought in October 2019 (from - a shop in Norway), and got a new One Connect Box replacement to fix the lack of HDMI 2.1 (only in port 4) in May 2020 (shipped free of charge, after having to wait a few months). I got a free Galaxy S10E 128GB phone (no longer valid), plus 10 years burn-in screen guarantee (had to register online right after purchase).


As far as I know, there are three different models: Q900RA (2018), Q900RB (2019) and Q950R (2019) - all three came in different screen sizes.

Special mentioning of the HDMI 2.1 port upgrade promise of the Q900RA (2018) on its product page:


Skjermbilde 2020-11-04 kl. 18.50.57.pngReference:


RTings review:


Update download:

The purpose of this tread is to keep track of problems and solutions our TV might have/get, One Connect Box swap, software- and firmware updates, etc.

Known problems:


- One  Connect Box of the Q900RA (2018 models) lacks the HDMI 2.1 - but it has been fixed by the One Connect Box swap (contact Samsung), note the HDMI 2.1 is only in port 4. The 2019 models should have the HDMI 2.1 (no OCB swap needed)
- Lack of eARC

- Lack of AV1 codec (needed for YouTube 8K compressed play)

- Possible a problem with the YouTube app on the TV when running 1440 and 4K videos (on the TV's web browser 4K on YouTube works flawlessly !)


It seems like many of us that have the Q900R model are becoming aware of problems with the 4K 120Hz mode when testing the new Xbox Series console. Does anyone know where the problem is located - are we again going to point on the port 4 with the "HDMI 2.1" ?


I am having the same problem with 4K 120hz with my q900 in the uk. After speaking to both Microsoft and Samsung, I was told by Samsung tech support in the uk that the euro version of the tv (q900ra) has architecture that runs a motion rate of 200 which equates to a refresh of 100hz at 4K, where the usa version has a motion rate of 240 which is a refresh of 120hz. I was told I can’t use usa firmware as it’s based around hardware 

of the panel. This is odd as 1440 at 120hz runs fine. I am not an expert so not really sure what this means or what the implications are, any ideas?


Hey there 😊


This issue can/will be fixed with a firmware update either by OTN or from!


Sounds like good news. Do you know when? Thanks for the info. 😊 Now, what everybody wants to know... How about eARC? It has been promised for ages. Thanks in advance. 


If you have a 2019 model you need FW version 1372.2 of higher, for 2020- 1403.1.

These are available now on



No, eARC and HDMI 2.1 support still don't work for anyone with 2018 Q900RA 8K with latest firmware. eARC neither works on 2019 models with 1372.2 for anyone. This is info from "Samsung QLED Tv Owners" FB group. HDMI got full support though on Q950R with 1372.2 update.


So, these questions still remains. When will Q900RA working firmware for eARC and HDMI 2.1 come? And also eARC for 2019 affected models?


It seems like you are implying that the latest firmwares does the trick. But it does not unfortunately.


So please, give an answer that is clear so I can forward to the owners in the group. 😊


Best regards /Peter


@PatrikL I happy to see you postering here ! I assume you are referring to the 4K120Hz issue only and I hope that this firmware update is also included for the Q900RATXXC TV (which I assume is the 2018 model) ? Can you tell me what is the latest firmware version for that model (I have 1310 - but saw there was some update listed on 2020-11-02, which I have not yet done, that would give the 1310.4 version) ?


Peer... That update does not help either unfortunately, not with eARC or HDMI 2.1 on the 2018 Q900RA. 😕


exactly, this is for the Xbox 120Hz issue.

What I have got information for is that it´s only affected 2019/2020 models.

Do you have this Picture Distortion on a 2018 model?



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