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Please give me some advice on a good mobile game for dark winter evenings? 🤳

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Great initiative on this thread @STENIS. I found a new article on the best Android games out there at the moment, could be worth checking out!


Personally I enjoy a good old game of chess 😂

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Thanks for the link!

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I got a suggestion if you want to check out: King Of Fighters Allstars, A.K.A for short KOFALLSTAR.
It's based of an old legacy of fighting games in the 90's up to present from the company SNK. The gameplay is beat em up with cooldowns as skills and also has flashy specials. The game also have the weirdest/coolest collaboration with other companies, such as Tekken 7, WWE, Samurai Shodown and Gintama. Highly recommend if you like fighting games.


The Xbox game pass ultimate is amazing! There are even a few games that don't need an extra controller... although it's way better with one. As long as you have a good internet speed, streaming is great.

Does this mean you can try lots of different games through one pass?

Yep. For Xbox consoles and PC only though. Or, well, technically it's for Samsung phones also as you can stream the games to your phone from the Xbox cloud or your own Xbox.


Over a hundred games and counting, and all EA Access titles were added a week or two ago. Great value for money. If you're considering it I'd suggest stocking up on Xbox Gold subscriptions first, add them to your account and then use the $1 Xbox Live Ultimate offer to upgrade. 

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