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Does my Samsung QLED TV (75" Q900RA) have a "weak network card" ?


This might be a problem that is not located on my 75" Q900RA TV (or One Connect Box), but for a couple of weeks now I have experienced a lot of buffering when watching 4K (even when down to 1440p) videos on YouTube - on the internal app on the TV. I have a 500/500 internet connection which I plan to do through an ethernet cable (with a TP-Link Switch), but this has worked fine for the first couple of weeks when I just got the new internet provider and got this new speed. What is strange is that the screen sometimes goes black for half a second when it buffers when this problem occurs. One of the service people (who not visited me at home, nor do they know what kind of a TV I have, though I have mentioned I have a newer model of the 8K Samsung TVs), claims that the TV set (mine) most likely have a weak network card, which I find ridiculous and an ambush to look for a problem other than the internet provider themselves. Bear also in mind that it was they who set up everything with a central, modem, installed cables and everything at my home - so this set up should work without having to go the cable connection route... I have however just ordered the TP-Link Switch, so I will do the internet through cable directly connected to my TV.


Here are some specs a friend of mine asked me to show on a few random 2140p 4K YouTube videos:






Can someone give me feedback on the network card my Q800RA TV has, and if it is a "weak" card that might affect 4K streaming on YouTube ?


Here is a plan for my set up with the TP-Link Switch ("ledning" is (ethernet) cables):





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Hi! I've looked into this for you, and it doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your TV. We don't have any registered cases with issues regarding the Youtube app, and the ethernet in TV can handle 100mbit which is more than enough for the SmartHub services.


We usually say that you need approximately 20mbit to stream 4k. Your pictures show that you have 64-72mbit, which is more than enough. The buffer health in your pictures says 14s, which is the same that we get in our lab on one on our test TVs, so there is nothing wrong there either.


The issue could be from your router, cables or switches.


Okay, so my new internet provider is actually put the blame on my TV, wrongfully claiming it is "most likely" the poor network card on my TV, as a "reason" as to why I am getting a lot of buffering when watching 1440 and up to 4K.

Can you give me a link or some information about my network card, so I can show - and prove - then they are wrong ? It upsets me that they are steering me in a completely wrong direction, and having me use time and energy on something that does not exist !

Here is what I get on my MacBook, which is on the same WiFi network as my TV:

Skjermbilde 2020-12-10 kl. 13.38.57.png


By the way, is there a way to test my network card in case there might be an issue on it that makes the 4K YouTube videos buffer ? I need to cover all angles before getting back to my internet provider with a rather "angry" e-mail or telephone call...

Thank you  @ElinH 


Claiming your tvs network card is to blame is ridiculous and just shows the incompetence of your provider. Also, if that was the case, thousands or even hundreds of thousands would have similar problems. This person knows nothing and just wanted to blame something random rather than him/herself. 


@Humorsopa do you also think the problem might be in the cables and router ? I have not yet gotten the TP-Link Media Switch so I can connect my TV directly with an ethernet cable, so that is not a problem (yet) in my case. 

By the way, I have a ZyXEL P2812ac (or ZyXEL P2812) home central router - which is on my floor which is in the next room to my living room (though I do not have any heavy walls and it is a very open apartment, and a Huawei Q22 decoder setup box. All this is set up and installed with new cables by the internet and TV provider company I am now using.


I believe it could have something to do with an eventual router upgrade, changes in the providers signal processing to your equipment which can cause hickups which you experience as buffering problems on the TV. Other equipment recently installed/switched on in your apartment or neighbours nearby interfering on the same WiFi frequency (2.4 or 5Ghz, where 5Ghz always is to prefer as it's faster, "cleaner" (less interference from surrounding electronics) but has just slightly less reach). WiFi signals easily get disturbed especially when living with close-by neighbours. First thing I would try (except direct cable connection which I always use and rules out all possible interference) is to go into your router's WiFi settings where you see the frequency used. You should see an option to switch between "channels" within the same frequency (I believe you were using 5Ghz). Switch to any other channel than the selected. It's usually on the default channel, and chances are that interfering equipment from neighbours etc also are using the same channel.


Also, if you have that option, try to make the range to your tv shorter by using a longer cable to your router, if you got one or can get/borrow from someone else.


Ultimately, in the end you really should see to that you always are connected by ethernet cable directly from router to TV. For your Internet speeds a cat6 cable is more than enough.


Hope you get it sorted out my friend. 😊


Yes, I am on a 5Ghz:



I could try to do the non-5G, as there is a 2nd. WiFi option to choose from this home setup.

It is strange that it all worked perfectly in the first couple of weeks and months... When it is not buffering and I watch in 4K, it suddenly switches down to 360p, and I have to manually put it back on 4K. So ***** annoying, but I am glad it is nothing wrong with my TV.


Here is what it looks when it plays well:




Here is what it looks like when it is buffering:



This almost worked well, after I did a sentral restart. It did stop several times during this 10 minuttes video, and it seems a bit randome. It does not like it when I stop the video - then it takes some time to reconnect in a way (I am of course only speculating now...). After 5-6 minuttes it stopps buffering and play till the end.


Fingers crossed I do not have to experience this when I connect the ethernet cable.

Could it also be about the YouTube app on the TV ? I assume the app updates itself, and I do not have to do it manually ?


I see that you live in Norway. I also live in Norway, though I have a different internet provider.

I too have encountered the same issue.

The last 2 weeks I experienced buffering issues on Youtube when using the native Youtube app on both Samsung TV's I have at home. The TV's are different models, one 2015 and the other 2018. 

Videos stutter in high resolution, Youtube lowers them to 360p. If I try to go back to 1080p/2160p then it just stops playing.

I also have an android box that runs 4k Youtube with absolute no issues.

Internet connection 750 Mb.

I've been scouring the internet to see if somebody else has this issue, you're the first to mention it. 

I am guessing that the issue is with Samsung's Youtube app. 

Edit: I just used the browser on the tv, went to YouTube and played 4K video with no issues. Same video on app does not work.

You can do that yourself to test if it's the TV or the app. In my case, it's definitely the app.


Hei @AndreN ! You described this problem even better than me, and with additional info (with the 360p) which is exactly what I am also expecting. Thank you for that. I will do the test you mentioned tomorrow, with using the browser instead. 

It is strange if this was a a “Norwegian” YouTube issue, as @Humorsopa @is from Sweden and he is not expecting the same problem. However I noticed you too have a 2018 model (and an older), while @Humorsopa has both 2019 and 2020 TVs that works fine. So it is strange that the YouTube app on a 2018 and older are having this problem.

I assume the YouTube app worked fine up to a few weeks or a month or so ago ? I can’t recall having any updates installed on my TV...


Just thinking out loud... Maybe one of us should make a post in the UK forum too to inquire this matter to a larger audience ?

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