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youtube not working on samsung refrigerator

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I just bought the Samsung Family hub Refrigerator and i played youtube via the internet which was working perfectly fine. I triad to play some videos today and it will just not play any videos.


I triad to delete cache and history from the youtube webite and restarted the family hub that also didnt resolve the issue.


Can you please help me and tell me what is wrong with it please?



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Same problem happening with my brand new Samsung fridge. Did you ever get a resolution for this? Thanks




Follow this link to the FAQ for the work around




HI Caira,


I followed the below instruction to get it working, i switched form Mobile version to Desktop version and youtube started working again(it is a bit slower on the desktop version but atleast it gets the job done now)


Currently, some YouTube videos are not working when played on the Family Hub display. We have contacted Google and will issue a fix as soon as possible.


If some music is not playing from the YouTube site, please play it in desktop mode instead.

1Open the Internet app on your Family Hub display
2Open the YouTube site
3Tap the user icon in the top right of the display
4Tap Desktop
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Restart the family hub.  Go to Settings and about family hub.

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I have the same issue. Got my refrigerator in April and YouTube vids worked fine til 1 or 2 months ago. The error says the browser won't be supported soon and to install one that supports HTML5 (i.e. - Forefox, Chrome, etc) But I can't install any other browser on the hub.

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