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WW90K7615OX - Wont spin at high speed and leaves clothes soaking wet

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Hi Guys


I have a Samsung WW90K7615OX washing machine and it's developed a fault.  I select a wash (any) and it looks like it's completed it but when i check the cloths they are soaking wet.


I spoke to support via live chat and they asked me to check the filter, hoses etc for blockages and it's all fine.  The pump is working and i witnessed the water being drained from the machine but the odd thing is it wont spin at high speed regardless to the load i.e just one t-shirt.


I went on to do a recalibration which showed no errors and then i selected a drum clean.


I've done pretty much everything i can see online and im at a loss what to do next!


It's a real nightmare as we have an 8-month-old baby and the machine is very much needed!


Please help!






Hey @Dave_E! It does sound like you have done all the necessary steps to fix it. I would recommend giving a call to the Samsung Home Appliance team so that they can offer you full technical support for your washing machine. They can be reached here: 0333 000 0333.

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