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wf70f5e3p4w - remove motor

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As everyone here my washer stops midway and lately giving 3e warning and research shows I need to check the carbon. But I can not for the love of God remove the motor. What do I need to do? I removed 2 bolts.



@RomeoPatrick: Please don't attempt any mechanical repairs yourself, as this can affect your warranty. The 3E error does relate to the motor, however Samsung recommends switching off the appliance, waiting for 30 seconds, and switching it back on again to address the issue. If the problem persists then please contact an authorised Support Centre to arrange an engineers inspection. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'Home Appliance > Laundry' and enter your post code.

Samsung WF1124XAC


Samsung also recommended I replace my washing machine directly and save 25% on a replacement (!)


Following yet another 3E error last week, I managed to locate a new main PCB for my 12 kg model from 2014. That needed replacing a WEEK before the warranty expired in Feb 2016. Well, it's given me four years of service until last week (Jan 2020) where the error has come back. Replacing it really did the trick.

At £146 it's not cheap to buy, but it's better than that plus a callout and technicians fee, which could mount to £200 more.

Sorry, Samsung, I get the BEST wash from your Ecobubble, but if it goes again, I'll either replace the PCB AGAIN or buy an LG.


My mum's Bendix Deluxe lasted 10 years from 1979, and then her Zanussi lasted 18 years. No one should go through four washing machines in a decade!

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