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WF70F5E2W4X F500 faulty since day one and never fixed

(Topic created on: 04/09/19 13:47)
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my washer has these two problems and I wonder if anyone has similar ones...



  1. the highest spin is 1400 rpm but it never achieves this in any of the washing programs

It seems that when the last spin stage arrives the machine has only 8 to 9 minutes left to go through all the different speed steps. It ends up not having enough time to achieve the highest RPM

The only program it can achieve those 1400 rpm is the spin program itself. Pretty lame when one selects the highest spin speed at the start of the wash and it never reaches it.

When it was 2 years old I complained about it and an engineer replaced the logic board but that didn’t resolve the problem. Even the engineer was baffled.

I ended up giving up.


  1. This machine can really upset us when it starts any of its washing programs.

It takes forever to fill the drum with the quantity of water it needs to.

I would like to understand why this washer opens the valve (water intake) for 2 seconds and then stops. The drum spins once and another 2 seconds of water inlet and this goes on and on... until it decides that it has enough water which takes about 30 of those 2 seconds windows.

Apart from the noise this makes it put extra strain on the water pipes at home and of course it wears the water inlet valves too. I wonder if the engineers who programmed this thing has a few loose screws?!


One thing is for sure I won’t buy any Samsung washers anymore.

Home Appliances

That's not what we like to hear, @Devizes2008. How long have you had your Washer and did you take out any extended warranty at the time of purchase?