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Water tank

(Topic created on: 20-11-2023 08:44 PM)
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Hi, purchased a Heat Pump Dryer  DV 80T5220AX/ S1 about 3 yrs. ago. Within the warranty period it started leaking badly. Th technician called, simply closed off the drain hose and set me up to use the water tank instead. I foolishly accepted this solution and have had nothing but trouble since. Am now out of warranty so the most I could get from Samsung were a few phone calls which requested me to run various cycles and see if they could diagnose the problem. Got nowhere. Basically the dryer does not dry the clothes. No matter what cycle I select it either completes the cycle within the appropriate time but the clothes are still wet and there is little or no water in the box or it will keep extending the time once the cycle is down to the last 20/30 minutes. I once left it run for over 6 hrs. and then stopped it. The clothes were still  pretty damp! It also leaks a little from the bottom of the door. I constantly clean the filters and the heat exchanger. Very frustrated at this stage.