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(Topic created on: 17-09-2020 06:06 PM)
Home Appliances

I have seen major issues online with people buying the wrong water filter for their Samsung Fridge/Freezers.
It has caused me no end of stress trying to find out the issue.
Do your online research on this - It's a big problem for Samsung.

The DA29-00003G filter has been produced with TWO different keyways/lugs (!) - 2 lugs AND 3 lugs.
I have a RSH7ZNBP and informed by offical spares ( / mine requires a HAFIN2, but it seems that it should be a HAFIN1  - Wrong information from Samsung!
HAFIN2 now has three lugs rather than two can you believe!
I used a sharp Stanley knife and replicated the old 2 lug from the 3 lug, and now mine fits OK.
I rang Samsung Support, and they confirmed it was a HAFIN1, but wouldn't deal with the issue of all their recommended sites getting it wrong!
Very unimpressed with Samsung!
(...and don't even get on the subject of eco-friendly disposal options of water filters which they also seem to care less about)

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Home Appliances

I have just spent 50 minutes on the “helpline” based in the Phillipines having first used the live chat facility - Like you, I used the information on the website to order (£39) an HAFIN2 for my RFG23UERS fridge freezer, when presumably it’s a 1 instead. Because I knew it would expire soon, I ordered it on 3rd November, but only tried to fit it last weekend - it now falls into the “no returns after 28 days”. I am very unhappy about this - your posting confirms that they are at fault, but they seem disinterested in solving the issue. I’m waiting on a call back over the next 24 hours, but am unimpressed by their passing me from pillar to post, when they should know there’s an issue with their website