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Washing machine WW90M645OPW

(Topic created on: 11-03-2022 09:09 AM)
First Poster

I wish I had seen some of the posts about problems with washing machines earlier as they are given excellent ratings in Which? and on Currys & John Lewis website. 

Our machine is under 3 years old and is on a 5-year warranty. Recently the machine has become extremely noisy during the spin cycles. Almost 4 weeks ago I contacted Samsung and an engineer from Domex (Samsung's repair partner) came to look at the problem. His visit, on a Thursday, appeared to be diagnostic only. He thought there was a problem with the spider holding the drum mountings.  The following Friday (i.e. more than a week later) two engineers came and fixed a new drum.  This solved the noise problem but unfortunately on first use afterwards the machine leaked. Samsung and Domex closed the job as completed.  

The following day an engineer came from Domex but was unable to fix the leak so we waited another week for someone to come again and fix the problem. A Domex engineer came and fixed a clip around the door seal - despite the fact that the leak was from under the machine! Inevitably the problem was not solved. On the following Monday the engineer came again and was unable to fix the leak saying that a new casing to the front of the drum was necessary. I immediately contacted Samsung again and was told that a senior advisor from Customer Service would contact me on Wednesday at 2.00 pm.  No one contacted me and so I rang and again was told that my problem would be escalated.  Not confident that this would happen I posted a long message on the Live Chat - again with the response that I would be contacted.  I am still waiting for a reply and more particularly for either a satisfactory repair or replacement machine. I have also tried to chase Domex with little success. All those that I speak to on the phone are very pleasant and appear to be understanding - but talk is cheap! How much longer do I need to wait? 

All this despite a response from a Cuustomer Relations Manager telling me that my feedback on the first job was passed to their Senior Partner Management Team!