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Washing machine takes in water spontaniously

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My 5 month old washing machine WD80J6400AW/EE takes in wather spontaniously. The washing machine is connected to power, but even it is turned off in the display it takes in water into the drum !!


After comming home from work, or in the middle of the night there is approx. 10 cm watern in the drum, and even more water somewhere when draining it usign the hose. I'm actually worried, since the pump/switch can start even it is turned off, and how much water can I expect in the future ?


Have anyone heard of this problem before, and what is the solution ?




Hi @cpede. :smiling-face:


Totally different washing machine brand, but I encountered something similar myself a few years ago - where the machine just kept on filling up even when switched off. It turned out that the machine had been mistakenly plumbed in incorrectly, so my initial thoughts in this case are  that it may be something to do with how the water supply is connected to your machine.


Might be best to get in touch with your local Samsung Support team for some expert advice on this one though.

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