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Washing Machine - Residue, Stiff clothes and whites not as clean as they shoud be

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Have a two month old WW80J5555FX washing machine. clothes are coming out of machine stiff and with a residue on clothes. Whites also appear to not be washing clean and come out dirty. Have previously used washing power and normal softner as used on previous machines (including a Samsung) with no issues. Have tried washing machine tablets instead and still have same problem. My daughter who has a similar age samsung has washed some of the clothes and the problem including the dirty whites all dissapear when washed in her machine.  has anyone experianced any similar issues ??

@Markp17: Following a completed cycle, have you noticed if there's still washing powder in the detergent drawer? What cycle(s) is the issue occurring on?

To troubleshoot the issue in the meantime please perform an Eco Drum Clean by following the steps below.
1. Press Power to turn on the washing machine.
2. Turn the Cycle Selector to select ECO DRUM CLEAN.
3. Press Start/Pause.

Andrew Thank you for your reply.    We have done the eco clean a number of times. Their was no washing pwder in the detergent draw, but we did have some inside the door rubber. We have now changed to washing tablets and the clothes are still giving the same issues. 

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