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Washing Machine Power Failure

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Hi folks

I have the eco bubble model:WF80F5E5U4X. It is 5 years old.

lately it has been suffering complete power loss mid cycle. Then all of a sudden the screen would light up again and resume the program some time later followed by repeated power interruptions until the program eventually finishes......or not.....have had to drain the machine a number of times.....rang Samsung who gave me a local service centre number which just rang out.....Paid for independent service company to look at the machine.....they had never seen a machine do this before and quoted €400 for a new mother board as there were no other obvious faults and no fault codes either on the screen or using the built in test function/App. They seemed to be of the opinion that 5 years out of a Samsung washing machine with average family usage was good going and maybe it was time to just replace it even though it looks like new inside and out. Just in case,I had a qualified electrician check the sockets,plug and mains cable......all fine......disappointing performance from both Samsung and its appliance......

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