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Washing Machine Flooded Kitchen - Have To Pay For Engineer

(Topic created on: 14-02-2023 02:31 PM)
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I am chronically ill with a deteriorating condition and my washing machine is vital as I can't leave the house to use a laundrette.  My Samsung Washing Machine ( WW90TA046AE/EU  ) is 11 months old and just flooded the kitchen via water leaking through the door. I contacted Samsung Support on the 7th ? who told me an engineer would be coming out today ( 14th). I received a txt from an unknown company saying that Samsung had been in touch and I need to ring to them to book an out of warranty / chargeable repair. I rang the company today and was told I was given incorrect information (they needed to book the job and would charge me as Samsung told them it was the door seal, thus a non warranty issue.). I told the company I wasn't prepared to pay for an engineer to come out and fix a problem that Samsung Support had diagnosed from a photo and would go elsewhere.

I have been reading a few posts here about the issue with Eco Bubble door seals, so it is appears a common problem with these machines, although my seal does not have a rip in it but does have a finger width kink/indentation , so I don't think it's the same problem as there also appears a bit of play in the door latch, but I'm not an engineer. I am on benefits and can not afford to pay for a repair on a machine that is 11 months old and still under warranty. 

I don't understand why I couldn't have an engineer come out and diagnose the issue before telling me what's wrong with it. Why did Samsung get a third party company try to charge me for an unknown issue unless they can guarantee me they know what's wrong with it i.e. it's a known manufacturer's fault thus not fit for purpose.



Here is a picture of the door seal with a small finger width kink/indentation.



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all brand new product gets 12 months guarantee (in fact i think I read somewhere that manufacturing faults on all electrical items might even be 6 years in fact!)  - regardless. I don't know where Samsung are going with this 'we have excluded  the door seal from warranty ' business from . sounds made up and certainly does not sound legal. 

if you live in UK why not try contacting BBC Watchdog consumer issues programme on The One Show . I think they really should be doing a piece on this particular problem with the samsung door seals failing at such a alarming rate . - if they get enough people highlighting the issue then maybe indeed Watchdog may do a piece on it. 

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I would love to know what the outcome was, I'm on my second machine as the first leaked from new its clear the seal unseats very easily, sadly I have discovered Samsung support is appalling i think I know where it was supposed they wont tell me or send a picture, and it would appear they charge if no fault found 

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  • I too have this exact problem only today to find out that it is not covered under warranty. My machine leaks everywhere! I purchased this in April. I would be interested to know if Samsung rectified this issue for you and/or what the outcome was. I am furious