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Washing machine finishing too early

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My ecobubble 9kg is only a few months old, since we bought it, it finishes the cycle too early. If I select a 3hr 50 wash it finishes in an hour and 20, the other cycles are the same. How can I fix this?


Hi @Gemma87.


Did you manage to get this fixed or are you still having the same issue?


Mine does the same. 9kg load in the washer. Wanting to run the three hour cycle. The initial sense spin at the start confirms a three hour cycle and then after about 30 minutes it goes down to an hour. My clothes are not suitably cleaned and I should be able to dictate what cycle I want it to run without it changing halfway through. I have only had it do the full cycle once without it thinking it can be reduced. Very frustrating. 

Hi @Andrew799 and @Gemma87 ,


our washing machines calculates a time that a load will take at the start of the selected programme. The actual time taken is dependent on a number of factors e.g. water pressure, amount of soilage, laundry weight and amount of detergent used. These factors can affect the length of time taken but do not affect the performance of the appliance.


Are you able to provide us with the washing machine model so we can have a closer look at this? Can you also test this with a different amount of load?

I am having the same issue with my EcoBubble (WD80J6410AX/EU). In the last week, it's cutting about 25% off timings.


Seems strange. Have had the machine for just over 4 years.





It now always reduces the time massively even with a full load of towels. 3 hour wash always reducing to 1 hour 20 mins. It hasn't done a full time wash in months. 


Did Samsung ever come back with a conclusive answer to this question? We just took delivery of a new Samsung Ecobubble (WW90J5456FX) and my partner noticed the exact same problem, the cycle time is automatically adjusting mid-cycle. This seems to be a known fault: SAMSUNG, do you have a straightforward answer please?


No. Every cycle is now reduced from the start. Even with a full load of heavy towels it does it's spin to calculate the weight and reduces the time.. every time. I've already had engineer out to replace the drain impeller pump and the circuit board too due to a different fault. Very frustrating. 

This seems to be happening more regularly for people. Is there a process where someone from Samsung monitors the threads or how do we contact them as a larger group?


I have no idea. There was a post from @TessM in 2019 but it was in no way a definitive answer to this common problme.


Hello Samsung? Is there anybody out there or are you all furloughed?

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