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Washing machine finishing too early

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My ecobubble 9kg is only a few months old, since we bought it, it finishes the cycle too early. If I select a 3hr 50 wash it finishes in an hour and 20, the other cycles are the same. How can I fix this?




I received my new 9kg eco bubble today and did a full load on the cotton programme at 40 degrees which was all over after 1 hour 20 minutes. My daughter missed the tune it plays at the end as she was upstairs. White school shirts didnt come out clean. Surely it cant be right to cut nearly 2 hours off...




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We have a 9kg EcoBubble that is less than 2 months old and have this issue. Samsung have said to compete a drum clean, check filter and to then do a normal wash. They clearly do not know about this reoccurring issue.

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I'll clean the filter next time I do a drum clean. I've done 1 drum clean already and it does the calibration tumbles at the start even though the display doesn't indicate that its calibrating - they may be some sense to what Samsung are saying. Page 41 of the manual states only the Cotton and Cotton Eco programs use load sensing to reduce the wash time. I've tried Synthetics, Denim, Baby Wash, Bedding and Daily Wash and none of these programs have finished early (but they are for smaller loads). Maybe the cotton loads I've put in have been half loads and only lightly soiled so the machine is working correctly, but I just don't like it knocking 2 hours off. What is good about the machine is the amount of flexibility with the options. I'm not proposing it as a solution but I've found the Baby Wash at 40 degrees with 3 rinses takes 2 hours 15 minutes, so I'm just using that program for now.

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