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washing machine faults

(Topic created on: 30-01-2024 02:08 PM)

bought a samsung washing machine 17 months ago having had a miele for many many years. Not that much cheaper.

Does any one else have the following issues:-

   if the on off button is touched whilst running it swtches off, chocolate labrador does it, leaning across the machine does it


slight weep occasionally from seal no common cause, not overloaded.


30 degree wash does not heat water, so clothes come out with some of the stains they went in with


tried looking on website - felt like ever diminishing  circles, no resolution. Rang and spent too long talking to someone who was hard to understand and although she listened did not hear what i was saying.

my daughter has 2 of these washing machines


 not sure what to do next, any ideas?


When a Miele does go wrong and need a repair apparently they are dear to repair and the parts are dear too .. more than likely dearer than the parts for samsung washer.

I have not tried this, but if you put the 'child lock' on does that stop you accidentally turning off the machine like that?

make sure lip of seal is clean and has not got piece of dirt or hair or anything on it that can stop a water tight seal when the glass door is shut, also check the bottom of the glass door for dirt / limescale etc ...

30'c is really only good for lightly soiled and delicates - try a bit of experimenting, try for a start of selecting 'Intensive' in the option menu , or bubble soak and see if that helps wash them better at 30c, plush try different detergent - some work more efficient than others at lower temperatures. 

Good luck


thank you for the child lock option, I am 63 years old had different machines over the years, none have been as bad at cleaning as this one is and yes I do understand the different options.

Miele has an excellent support team, easy to get through to, unlike samsung who have people who cannot be understood and whose 1st language is not english. still waiting for a call back. Miele gets the washing clean, first time, the whites stay white, the colours bright, from 30 degrees.

Samsung worst washing machine I have ever had, debating whether to sell this on( would not wish to pass on due to issues though) and buy a Miele now.

Lesson learned do not buy a samsung product, I wont again.

But thank you for responding Andy.