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washing Machine Brown Residue

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My current washer was a purchased replacement for the recall in spring of 2017.  We chose not to have the less than one-year old machine repaired but decided to purchase a new one with Samsung's replacement process.  That ended up costing us another $300 because they pulled all of the like washing machines from the market at that time and the only option we had was to purchase a more expensive model.  We bought a 3 year extended maintenance and have not used it, especially after reading the community posts and finding out how useless complaints and service calls are.


This current machine has been putting out brown and black residue on the clothes for roughly 1.5  years of the 2 years I've had it.  I take good care of it, keep it clean, run the clean cycles.  Sounds like I am TOTALLY not alone.  It is not due to anything I have or have not done.  

I have not called service, why would I after reading the posts?  Clearly, Samsung has a problem.  This residue gets all over everything.  I have to rewash and re-rinse clothes multiple times just to get the gunk off.  Really  efficient!  

I HAVE HAD IT, SAMSUNG IF YOU ARE LISTENING!  If there is a fix and a free service call, you better speak up, NOW!

When this machine fails, it is going to the dump where it belongs. I will not pay one cent to have it looked at nor fixed.  The photos are attached.  See for yourself.  I also will not hestitate to share my experience about this poor product with friends and on social media.  I might not be so mad but our like dryer failed and cost us $300 to repair shortly after its 1st birthday.  Clearly, your washing machine and dryer are inferior products.  In addition, there is little I like about either or them because the dang machines don't allow the user to control one thing about them after they are started.  These are the LAST Samsung appliances I will own.IMG_3258.jpgIMG_3259.jpgIMG_3260.jpgIMG_3261.jpgIMG_3262.jpgIMG_3263.jpgIMG_3264.jpgIMG_3265.jpgIMG_3266.jpg

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Hi @IDVan! Where did you purchase the washing machine and where are you located? You mentioned you paid it in dollars. By reading your article, I would definitely get in touch with the Samsung Home Appliance team to have an engineer to look at it. 


Hello, Someone identified as SamsungBri has also contacted me asking for Serial number and model.  Do I communicate with both of you?  
What does it matter where I purchased this washing machine?  It was at Home Depot.  


Cheers @IDVan , :smiling-face:


We're a Samsung UK & Ireland-based team, and figuring out where folks are based helps us guide you right. :winking-face: I'm guessing that you're based in the US. If so, I'd go with SamsungBri as they're a Mod over on the US Community. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Your question would have been more helpul initially if you'd have identified yourself and why you were asking - would have saved a message back and forth.


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