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Wash starts, drains, adds water then stops.

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Model number is wf70f5e2w4w


if I put it on a 15’ quick wash, press start. It runs the drain pump, then adds water to the suds compartment, then that’s it. Nothing more. Drops down to 14 mins and nothing. 


I have switched off and tried again, same thing. 


I have checked drain filter, which is empty. 


I have had the back off and checked all wiring, only thing noticeable is the metal bracket which holds the loom for the motor connector. The bracket has broken off, but no wires connecting to it and connector is plastic so no earth fault. 


I can get into the service menu by holding on button and temp and option at same time. Shows 0E when the dial is set to cotton. 





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Also if I try to run a calibration test. It comes up with clb, i press start and nothing happens. I get the feeling it is a motor problem, or motor revolution sensor issue?
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Sorry. It shows a 3e error when in diagnostic mode when I try to run a test. 


Hi @Markymark1402 


We think this might be one for our Home Appliance specialists to look into, as it does sound as though an engineer will need to take a look. You can contact our Support Team on 0330 726 7864 anytime between 8am - 10pm.


Hi Markymark1402, 

Did you get this issue sorted? I'm having exactly the same thing happen to mine, same model number. 
just wanted to check before I called an engineer. 

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