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Two Weeks Wait For A Washing Machine Repair Engineer!

(Topic created on: 02-02-2023 10:50 AM)

The rubber door seal is flaking off leaving my last load of laundry covered in grey bits of rubber and I note even after the 70c Drum Clean the drum is fall of rubber bits which have flaked off the door seal between it and the drum.

Granted, it has managed 45 wash cycles since new and is just over 12 months old (I used to do one wash a week using the default eco cycle).

Anyway, time to get it fixed and the Samsung repair website seems to take you round in loops ending up where you started again. It even took me onto one of those automated live chats which said I need to book an engineer which is where I started from.

Anyway, managed it and got the email saying in progress followed by another one from the company the repair is to be carried out by "Martin Dawes Limited (DONC)" where I had to describe the issue yet again.

Then came the book a date for an engineer and the fist available date is the 15th February (14 days time).

Is it normal to have to wait so long to get a washing machine fixed? Not that I was expecting to need a repair in the first place.