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Trying to connect NV73J977RS WIFI

(Topic created on: 17-06-2020 06:39 PM)
First Poster

Just taken delivery of a NV73J977RS WIFI oven, and trying to connect it to wifi.


Working through the SmartThings add device process, I was able to cnnect my iPhone to the (oven) network, an it appeared to transferinformation to the oven. It then seemed to get stuck at 98% in the "registering you device to your account" step. It never turned up in the app, and now I seem to be unable to repeat the process. The oven is no longer advertising the (oven) network, but the app's easy connect option does notseem to able to skip using it. The oven knows about by network, and says it has a saved WPA2 credential. However, when I tap on the network, it wants me to enter the wifi password and when I do it says it cannot connect to the AP.


Not sure what to do next. Maybe reset the oven to factory defsultd, but yhe documentation doesn't tell me how to do that.