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The timing of the Fabric Softener being taken in autodose washing machine

(Topic created on: 17-09-2022 02:38 PM)
Helping Hand

I have the WW90T534DAW Series 5 Washing machine with autodose feature - I often think that the fabric softener is taking in too early in the rinse . its not a fault, its just how Samsung have designed this washing machine , but I still think its goes in too early .
It appears to go in immediately as soon as the water comes into the washing machine - I feel then the first few drops of water (and softener) maybe end up in the drain sump rather than the actual drum itself? 

Far better I think if they made it so there was a bit of filling going on with fresh water , then add the softener to the water , then fill again with water to the required water level in the drum. 

another thing i find mildly annoying is that the message on the display "Adding Softener" comes and goes in a flash, so you still have the graunchy, whirry sound of the autodose pump pumping in the softener but no words up on the display to say its adding softener through the duration of adding softener , if that makes sense. 

More than likely these issues could be just easily updated with a firmware/software update but whether Samsung will ever release a software update is another thing. I think the washing machine has been out since 2020 and as far as I know there has not been any software updates since its been out. nor does it appear is there a section in the smart things mobile phone app to check for updated software and send the update to the machine on this model.