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Terrible product and service: American fridge RS7667FHCWW

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American fridge freezer model RS7667FHCWW tripping electrics and lost all contents in full fridge freezer.  Been waiting for a callback for 4 days and still no date for engineer to visit.  Purchased with 5 year warranty and 4 years old.  Had it fixed and lost contents 2 years ago already with temperature issue.  Samsung saying they don’t have a record of warranty despite it advertised and on receipt and we must pay to repair.  Also have hairline cracks appearing on inside casing despite careful use.  Not impressed with product or service given best part of £1000 price tag.  Was loyal Samsung customer and have loads of their appliances / devices but will never buy another Samsung product and will be reporting to Watchdog / trading standards as product clearly faulty within advertised 5 year period, yet again it is not fit for purpose / of suitable quality for a high end product.


 I’m being treated unfairly and being given extremely poor service with a promise of a call back on Monday by manager with resolution and engineer appointment and several of my  calls to them since I’ve been on hold for best part of an hour with more promises to call back.  Just spent 45 mins on hold waiting to be transferred to someone and eventually hung up as suspect all staff went home and left me on hold after 8pm.  Absolutely shocking that 5 days in I don’t even have a date an engineer will visit.   What happened to the old Samsung that actually cared about its’ customers?!

 I will be posting negative reviews everywhere and hope that’s worth the small cost you’re saving in treating your customers like an inconvenience when you sell them faulty goods.  Outrageous!

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