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Socks getting stuck in rubber seal

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I have a Samsung WW90J5456 washing machine. Since we have purchased the washing machine socks keep getting stuck in the rubber seal. We have ignored it until now as a few days ago we found a sock trapped in the filter and found pieces of the sock in the drum after the cycle had finished. 

Is anyone having this issue and is this a known fault with the Samusng WW90J5456 washing machine?


Hi @Jopatel 


Have a look at this useful link to see if it helps at all.

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Hi,just installed brand new washing machine same model as yours.As i type it is running for very first time and already noticed 3 kids socks jammed inside door seal.This never happened with my previous washing machines.They were freed upon spin cycle so that is good news.Will observe this.One solution may be to put small kids socks in mesh bag.May contact Samsung regards this as well.As this may affect rubber seal durability and as far as AO adviced me rubber seal is not covered under 5 year warranty.Not good with this rubber seal design to swallow small socks

The door seal will be covered by the 5 year warranty for manufacturing related failures. The user manual recommends using a mesh bag (or can use an old pillowcase if you don't have a nesh bag to hand.


Normally socks get into the door because the machine is a little overloaded - unfortunately people will usually disagree!

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The rubber gasket in our washer has a notch in the bottom which seems to beg socks to lodge inside...

Bottom of the gasketBottom of the gasketBottom of the gasket 2Bottom of the gasket 2Bottom of the gasket 3Bottom of the gasket 3


Hey @NikkiStewart ,


would you be able to send me a picture of this here? 

I edited my comment to include photos. That crevice is where I found a missing sock.

Thanks :smiling-face:  Have this been there since the beginning? When and where did you get it? 

My washer has appeared thus since installation, which was last week. This is a NEW, fresh out of its packaging, washer. It was ordered from Home Depot.

How many times has this happened since you have the machine? Have you tried to use a net for the socks as it has been advised on this post? 

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