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Smelly WW80J5555FW Washing Machine when in use

(Topic created on: 11-08-2023 09:08 PM)

I got a samsung WW80J5555FW Washing machine secondhand and repaired it (one or 2 of the wires to the motor had come disconnected) and I am using it as a backup, and its a decent machine, working away fine, all working as it should but I am getting an awful smell off the machine when its in use/working .. how can I describe it ... er like possibly a glue smell , or dare I say it like a urine smell! Yuk! , only when its working mind you. 

I took the lid off the  washing machine and to me (unless I was imagining it) it felt like the smell was coming from behind the fascia/control panel - I can see a load of components and a large heatsink there (presumably for the brush type motor) .

Has anyone else got this exact model and have smelt anything weird coming from their machine when doing a wash? - its smell is definitely not coming from the drains , nor from the drum , and the machine pump is all clear and clean.