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Smart connect

(Topic created on: 25-02-2023 05:41 PM)
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I purchased a Samsung dishwasher model DW80B707OUS and I contacted Samsung because the smart control light would go off after 5 seconds. They told me it was a faulty connection, to contact lowes for a exchange. Since then I learned that all I had to do was to press the smart control button and shut the door. It continues to stay connected and you are able to start the dishwasher from your phone. I'm posting this because I read somewhere where someone was complaining that Samsung was misleading customers for the smart control app. Samsung apparently , whom I spoke with was no help to me. I figured this out on my own. After an hour, it still stays connected with the door shut. I am still able to select my settings on my phone through smart things, and am able to start my dishwasher. Hope's this helps someone who was as confused about the app and control as I was. 

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@Diana20344, Thanks for the info. It could be helpful for new users. It also took my few days to realize how Smart Connect works on mine DW60A8070US.