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Smart Appliances Now Connected Through SmartThings App

(Topic created on: 17-10-2018 10:23 AM)

Hi all!


Samsung smart appliances can now be connected through the SmartThings app. (Available on PlayStore here; and App Store here.)


For anyone experiencing issues with either the Smart Home or Smart Air Conditioning apps, I'd advise trying to connect your devices using the SmartThings app instead.


Our UK SmartThings site has helpful guides on how to set up appliances in SmartThings, as well as some troubleshooting tips, and contact details/links for the SmartThings team and the SmartThings Community here.


Just a couple of useful general FYI's to add, if you should encounter any SmartThings-related issues with your appliances:


  • SmartThings is linked to your Samsung account and the country it's based in. Quite a few issues can be solved by logging out and logging back in to your Samsung account, so it's definitely worth trying this as a first troubleshooting step.


  • For Samsung to be able to help identify the issues experienced, it helps if you let us know the make and model of phone you're using; the version of the SmartThings application; who your ISP is (and router make, if you know); at what point it fails (for example, if it stops while adding device at 44% or similar); and ideally a screenshot of the issue (just don't post any sensitive or personal info!).
First Poster

just bought a WW10H9600EW washer... Disappointed beacause I couldn't connect it through SmartThings neither through SmartHome.

iPhone 6 running 12.1.4 firmware


Any suggestion? or better... any update to your apps or servers in the very next days????


Come on Samsung!!! You can do it



Samsung Helper
Great informative post, another tip is to ensure that you go into settings/device maintenance and ensure your phone is working at 100%.