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Smart Air Conditioner not working after last update

Hello, after "GDPR "  Smart Air Condition last update not work.

In home mode crash, and out home not working, the device listed ithey are not selectable.

please can you fix it? 


yes correct.

the latest version of app non work.

Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling?

yes allready

 When we can have the "Samsung Air conditioned" App workung again? Always fail the equipment list when try to import.

Hi @MajorBotelho 


Have you tried using the Samsung SmartThings app as an alternative? Have a look here.


They are not detected with that new app.


With the old one, if I'm in home it still work - but not anymore when I chose the option "Out of Home" - so, it's completely useless...



So these things happened with me also so I called the as maintenance in dubai for fixing my issue they said that it corrupt my apk file and I have to reinstall the app and after doing that it fixed my issue.

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