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Smart Air Conditioner not working after last update

Hello, after "GDPR "  Smart Air Condition last update not work.

In home mode crash, and out home not working, the device listed ithey are not selectable.

please can you fix it? 


Hi @tizianocassone2.


Do you have the model code of the Air Conditioning unit you have?




Thanks @tizianocassone2.


Could you give us some more information on the problems you're having with the unit please?

Other guy have same problem,

the funcion in-Home not work...  OUT-of home when ater login I CAN SEE THE TWO CONFLICT SPLITS BUT ARE NOT SELECTABLE.  

Have you tried any troubleshooting steps @tizianocassone2?


Have a look at page 29 of the user manual here for a list of steps to take.

sorry but with old versions all work.

Apologies, @tizianocassone2, we're not fully sure what you mean. Could you send us a little more info again please?

maybe... tell me whay info need?

Are you referring to an update to the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner app on your phone which is now, not allowing you to control certain parts of your unit?

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