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Slow costumer service: my 5 year old son suffers from food poisening


Last month we bought an american style samsung family fridge (1550 euro).

3 weeks later the fridge started to leak and completely shut down. A week of family groceries ended up in the trashbin.

4 days later the samsung mechanic found a manufacturing error. Samsung send us an e-mail 5 days after with a proposal to swap the fridge. It would take another 3 days to contact us to make an appointment. With 10-15 working days for delivery.CD1D14DA-EEFB-41BC-B5ED-1903DDC9DBEC.jpeg


We are still waiting. With an ‘outdoor  winter fridge’. Our little boy got foodpoisening. Shame on you costumer care!


Hey @Eikelboom 


Can you confirm where you're based?

I'd like to look into this for you, can you drop me a private message with your reference number?




Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge


Update: yesterday we tried to contact Samsung. They said that we had to call back after 17.00 because they needed the full 2 procedural days. After 5 they gave us the number of dynalogic transport to make an appointment. Dynalogic didnt know anything so we called Samsung back again. Customer care told us that our case was ‘frozen’ and that ‘we needed to stay calm and wait a couple of days’. 

Today dynalogic called to make an appointment but refused to move the fridge because its a special delivery. They would call back Samsung again. Samsung called us to tell us that somebody would call us to make an appointment. 

No news so far.

Mediamarkt now offers us a temporary small fridge that we will pick up ourselves..


Please customer care,  can you please contact us and deliver a new fridgePlease customer care, can you please contact us and deliver a new fridge


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