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shame on a couple of designs of the series 5 / 6 / 7 Washing Machines

(Topic created on: 20-02-2023 09:26 PM)

I (personally) think its a shame they didnt make a few changes for the 2020 series-on  samsung washing machines range.  - I have a WW90T534DAW (white) 

1.) shame they did not put a white door on a white washing machine (I am not mad keen on the black door on the white) maybe black door on the black colour machine (well even that machine is not proper black is it?) - or maybe chrome surround on the door on a white machine would have looked nice. 

2.) a centre knób/Dial that pushed in on the fascia control panel so that when it the whole panel would be totally smooth, with no dial sticking out (that could be broke off when walking pass it or pulled off by children)  

3.) a larger display window that includes information about what the dose per wash and dose per rinse is doing (ie if it was on and what was it on, low medium or hi, or if it needed topping up. - and bigger time to end figures

4.) a larger porthole - for putting in sheets and duvet covers in and out easier. Its wider than some machines but not the  widest I have come across. 

5.) a soap drawer with a manual fabric softener compartment as well as a manual soap compartment along with the autodose. 

6.) a quieter drain pump 

7.)  a removable plastic kickstrip at the bottom of the machine which when removed (or swung down on hinges) exposes the pump filter, manual drain hose and a manual door release pull) 

8.) a drum light

9.) twin water supply (which I believe some models do indeed have - not mine though) 

10.) a way to turn off ALL noises made by the machine - not just the tune/jingle

Maybe Samsung can take these design changes into consideration for their future machines?