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Samsung ww80k6610qw ecobubble keeps sticking on spin cycle

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My Samsung ww80k ecobubble keeps getting stuck and resetting spin cycle and I have to turn it off by power or it keeps going for hours. After googling I can see this is a very common fault as there’s hundreds of posts everywhere regarding this. I’ve recalibrated reset cleaned out hoses and drains.


I contacted Samsung support (difficult to call it that as they just read from a script when you complain so they must get hundreds of complaints if that’s the case)


as my washer is just out of warranty wanted to charge me for call out to repair. I was supprised  to find out after having repaired already in warranty they don’t guarantee the first repair only for 3 months ... very off putting for any buyers and certainly put me off buying Samsung again even thinking of changing phones and tv because of their poor customer service. 


Is there anything I can do myself to resolve this or am I better off just biting the bullet and buying new ..


Hi @Jxb1970


Did you manage to get this issue resolved?


Yes replaced it with a hotpoint as had no joy from Samsung making it my mission to educate future customer on my social media the problems with faulty goods and lack of customer service I have encountered 


I have the same problem with my ecobubble 9.0kg

When the timer reaches 9, it flips to 15 min instead of 8.

It keeps on turning for hours untill I stop it. Sometimes I see it's gone dark and think it's done, but the clothing are still wet and when I turn it on, the timer seems to heve stuck at 47 mins.

This is an €800 washing machine bought december 2017 and is 2.5 years old and ofcourse out of warranty.

My mother had her first modern washing machine for 25 years.

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